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  Amphitheatrically built around Thermaikos Bay, the cosmopolitan city of Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and constitutes the most important centre of the wider area. It is situated on sea and land crossroads and constitutes a significant centre of attraction as a cultural metropolis of the Balkans. A modern city with irresistible […]

Lemnos Island

Lemnos (Limnos), the island where the god Hephaistus lived, will thrill any visitor seeking a quiet vacation spot, as well as those who wish to combine entertainment with tranquility.  The hidden treasures of Lemnos are not apparent at first glance, but rather grow on you over time.  Those who wish to combine vacation with the […]


In Town you may stroll at the historic St. Mark’s Square and visit the Solomos & Kalvos Museum which is also their Mausoleum. There are kept original artifacts of the island’s gentry along with their seals. At the nearby Solomos Square with all the neoclassical buildings you may visit the Byzantine Museum and marvel at […]

Rhodes Island

The island of Rhodes offers castles, mosaic pathways, ancient ruins, cascading waterfalls, even a park filled with rare butterflies. There’s something for everyone on this popular Dodecanese island paradise. Most visitors to the hilly island begin in the main harbor town, also called Rhodes (or Rhodes Town). The Ancient Greeks built it in 408 B.C. Mandrake Harbor […]


Crete (Kriti) is one of the most fascinating, historically significant, culturally    rich, and varied regions of Greece.  Although it would take a traveler several months to see Crete thoroughly, and years to experience it all, spending as little as a week in Crete can recharge you and fix firmly into your mind the desire […]


     Once in obscurity and visited only as a passageway to the historical island of Delos, Mykonos gained recognition as a tourist destination in the 1950’s and 1960’s when its natural beauty, charming Cycladic flavour, and magnificent beaches, led Mykonos to the spot-light as Greece’s most well known island, visited by local and international […]


There are as many opinions about which islands are best to explore as there are people expressing them. Santorini is not the largest island in the Cyclades group, but it has something for everyone.  It’s a barren island as far as forests are concerned, but it makes up for the lack of greenery with its other […]

Greece-Hydra Island

Hydra (ĺdra) is one of very few islands which has managed to avoid the influence of modern times and to hold on to its character unchanged.  The city is built like an amphitheater, and is an example of impressive aesthetic architecture.  The first image that meets the visitor’s eye as he enters the harbor is […]