There are as many opinions about which islands are best to explore as there are people expressing them. Santorini is not the largest island in the Cyclades group, but it has something for everyone.  It’s a barren island as far as forests are concerned, but it makes up for the lack of greenery with its other unique qualities.

Aside from the fantastic views you can enjoy archaeological sites (Akrotiri and Ancient Thera), the volcano hot springs, museums, hiking trails, countless restaurants, a very active nightlife, shopping for every budget from postcards to custom gold jewelry, art galleries, ethnic music venues, organized island tours, sunset cruises, luxury hotels and spas, youth hostels, several wineries, numerous car and scooter rental agencies (wait until you get there, it’s cheaper than booking in advance) and an airport for easy access from Athens by commercial jet.

How to get there:

There is an airport on Santorini for flights to and from Athens by commercial jet.  All inter-island flights change planes back in Athens.  You have a choice between Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines.  Aegean is less expensive and has a reputation for being more reliable.


Olympic Airlines
Aegean Airlines


There are two varieties of ferries to the islands, the Passenger/Car ferry and the Express Catamaran Passenger-only ferry.

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